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Collaboration, Communication and Learning

WeCo Play creates educational games designed for multiple children to learn and play together on a shared device. The games cover a wide age bracket, from 3-12, as many of the games can be played with varying levels of difficulty.

The games are designed to support learning through play and collaboration. By using a shared device, the technology brings children together, motivates learning, and facilitates communication around the topics. The games are designed to be inclusive, which entail that the children can collaborate or compete, even if they have different skill levels. As well as there in many of the games are imbedded different roles, which allow the children distribute the activity to take advantage of their diverse strengths. The games balance providing feedback that help the children and, motivating them to help each other.

The games are designed for large touchscreens, both on android and windows. WeCo Play comes as a platform, which include a wide range of games in a safe environment for children. The system updates and installs new games, and does not require any technical skills from the staff. The games are designed to be used in a shared space, therefore the sounds are always of relevance to the learning activity, avoiding unwarranted noise and background music. The platform and all games will be ready in English Q1-2020. To get notification when ready or to beta test, please write Rune@WecoPlay.com

Game example

The following presents three selected WeCo Play games, to illustrate the specific approach to designing educational games.


The game illustrates how collaboration can be designed into even very simple games. The puzzle game can be played in two ways, either as a classic jigsaw puzzle where everybody collaborates on putting the pieces together. However, the game can also be played in a way, where there are fewer pieces, but where all of the pieces needs to be held in the right place in order to solve the puzzle. Consequently, in this mode it requires collaboration and communication to get all of the pieces in the right position, and it often results in twister-like situations, where the arms are crossed.

Story maker

The game is an example of allowing the children to be content creators. Book creator makes it possible to make and read books, which contain both text and graphics. The children build a book together, by constructing illustrations from a graphic database and writing text. The wring process in designed with multiple roles, constructing sentences, spelling, and placing the words in the right order. The finished product is an interactive book that the other children can read and play with.

Math Race

The game illustrates facilitating competition on equal terms, regardless of whether the children have similar or varying skill levels. Math Race focus on training basic arithmetic skills, though driving a small car around and collecting answers. The game purposefully hides the contestants scores, in order not to discourage the children while playing. The game seeks to motivate the children to challenge themselves to tackle harder arithmetical problems, by giving them more cars to choose from, if they pick higher numbers and more types of arithmetical operations.