At Weco Play, we care about our customers’ feedback and are happy to hear the stories of how the software has benefitted users in teaching processes. To learn about the different customers’ experiences, read the short testimonials below.

How Weco Play is being utilized in Swedish preschools

Bjurbäckens förskola, Emmabode, Sweden

”Weco Play has been an enhancement to our daily use of digital tools in our preschools. It is both fun and engaging for the children. The games are educational and tie in to our national curriculum. Many of the activities are self-explanatory, and the filters make it easy for us to find what we are looking for. Our children are motivated, and it is perfect for group activities. The different levels of the games make it easy to adapt to the children’s needs. A great tool for anyone who uses a touchscreen in their classrooms.”

Heide Krause – Preschool teacher

How Weco Play is being used in a Danish municipality

Frederikshavn Municipality, Denmark

”In Frederikshavn municipality, we have enjoyed the use of Weco Play in our kindergartens and early elementary school years. The games are suitable for training with learning objectives, and especially in day care, where it supports development of collaboration among the children, training social skills in turn taking, and digital literacy. Several children can participate at the same time, the games always contain a learning perspective, and the degree of difficulty can be adapted to fit the age of the group. The children can use the software themselves, which is easy to access for both adults and children.”

Sisse Kit Pedersen, IT project leader

How Weco Play has benefitted a school with children of special needs

Storebæltskolen, Korsør, Denmark

”I have worked with Weco Play for 4-5 years and use it daily in class. The children love to play with the software and always want to return to it as it is such a motivating way for them to learn. They do not see Weco Play as schoolwork, they see it like playing, but they are still learning at the same time, so it is a win-win for us. After the implementation of Weco Play, the students have become more patient, have better collaboration skills and can solve tasks in class with more ease than before.”

Katja Andersen, Teacher