Beetle Lab

In Beetle Lab you can learn about different beetles. Examine the beetles by placing them in the magnifying glasses and read the short text. Use your knowledge from the text to sort the beetles correctly. Once you have found a beetle that matches the category displayed on one of the petri dishes, drag the lid away and place the beetle inside. The beetles can be sorted by name, food and family type.

Calculator Monsters

Calculator Monsters can be played in two different ways, either where you compete, trying to push the other teams monsters out of the board in any direction. Or you can play together, where the goal is to survive as long as possible, without being caught by the ghosts. In both versions you use the calculator to control your monster, either adding or subtracting from the number it is placed on to move on the board.

Card Talk

Card Talk can be used to train words, conversations, and active listening in several different ways, based on 1500 different pictures. Before the game starts, you have to draw the pictures that will be used as the starting point for the game, and talk about what the pictures represent. Then you have to choose who should have the narrator role. The person who has the narrator role, should for example tell a story based on one or more of the selected pictures, where after the other participants must select the pictures that were part of the story.