The Maze

The Maze can be played in three different ways, common for all is that the aim is for two players to find each other in the maze. The game can be played where the goal is simply to find your way through the maze, or where you also have to find and match words or pictures. Drag the truck over to a box to pick it up, and backwards to drop it again. Once you have found two boxes containing a pair, you have to find each other in the maze. You can play the game where the difficulty of the mazes slowly increases, or you can choose to adjust the difficulty of the maze, the speed, as well as the number of boxes and enemies.

Math Race

In Math Race you can train mental arithmetic. Every player has a small car that they need to steer to the value that matches the sum of their arithmetical problem. Each player can adjust the level of difficulty of the arithmetical problems that they have to solve. Players are rewarded when choosing more difficult problems, by having more vehicles to choose from. The game offers several different maps, and many different vehicles.

Alphabet Monster

In Alphabet Monster you can practice the alphabet by feeding the monster. When the monster calls for a letter, all of these letters have to be found on the screen. Press the letters to put them in the monsters mouth, but watch out, if you press just one wrong letter the monster will spit out all of the letters. You can train both lower and upper case letters, with either a handwritten or computer font.

Letter Beasts

In Letter Beasts you can train your ability to write letters focusing on the order and direction of the strokes. Click on one of the beasts, and enter the four letters of its name three times. Stars are awarded depending on how well you write the letters, and for every third gold star you collect, you get a bomb that can be used against the beasts. You have to write the names of all the beasts before they reach the red line. The game also contains a practice mode where the monsters stand still, and where you get extra help to write the letters.

Hockey Spelling

Use Hockey Spelling to practice your spelling skills. The object of the game is to spell the word depicted in the goal zone on the opposite half of the ice rink. To spell the word, you have to drag out the letter and throw it into the goal. The letters do not have to be thrown in the order that the word is spelled, which makes it is possible for several people to throw pucks at the same time, as well as use trial and error if you are unsure about how a word is spelled.

Grammar Bot

Use Grammar Bot to train word classes and logic. The object of the game is to collect all of the stars on the board, by programming the movement of the robot. The game can be played in two ways, either as a purely logical game where the robot is controlled by placing arrows on the board. Or where the robot is controlled by placing words from different word classes on the board. Each word class controls the robots direction of movement, where nouns, for example, can make the robot turn right and verbs to the left.

Counting Bugs

In Counting Bugs you can count beetles and other bugs. Each round has four zones with a number inside them, when the number of insects in the zones matches the numbers the round is completed. The game requires collaboration and overview to keep track of all the insects, as they easily run away. You can adjust the difficulty of the game by changing how fast the insects move.

Collaborative Colouring

In Collaborative Colouring you can choose one of the many different patterns, mandalas or pictures and colour them in together. Everybody collaborates on colouring in the same image. To colour in an area, the colour is simply dragged from the side palette to the area that you want to colour in.

Turnless Chess

In Turnless Chess you can play chess without taking turns. Turnless Chess has two game modes, you can either play 1 vs 1, where the one who first catches the opponent’s king has won, or 2 vs 2, where both kings must be caught to win. The chess pieces are moved by moving the marker onto a chess piece to select it, and then moving the marker to the square on the chessboard that you want to move the chess piece to.

Shape Catcher

In Shape Catcher the goal to catch shapes with the same colour. When a shape is pressed, the shape is hidden from the other players. The game therefore requires the players to collaborate and talk together to clear the level. The game can be played with levels that slowly increase in difficulty, or players can use the settings to choose the specific combination of shapes, colours, size, speed, and amount of shapes that are included in the game.