Coordinate Battle

In Coordinate Battle you have to use your knowledge of the coordinate system and angles to win. The aim of the game is to shoot the other spaceships, before they hit yours. Each spaceship is controlled by setting the coordinates on the X and Y axis and pressing the play button. Aim and shoot at the other spaceships by setting the angle and pressing the shoot button.


In Sum the aim is to collect a specific sum in each of the four different levels, either 5, 10, 20 or 30. Drag you finger over the numbers in order to add up the chosen sum. Remember to be precise, because if you do not get the correct sum you will start spreading red color. To remove the red color you have to start counting on a white box, and then keep counting through the red boxes. If you see a bomb, you can collect it by dragging over it when you make a sum. To use a bomb, select it from the collected bombs and drag it to an area to remove the red boxes. The game ends when everything turns red.


Solve Sudoku puzzles in three different ways. Classic, where the whole board must be solved before it is corrected. Point, in this mode points are rewarded every time a number is placed correctly, and deducted if incorrect. Battle, is played in two teams that compete to conquer the most territory. To fill in the sudoku, you simply have to drag a number onto a square. It is possible to play the game with up to 6 players at the time, you just need to click ‘join’ where you would like to stand around the screen.

Shooting Gallery

In Shooting Gallery you can train overview, collaboration and words. The players have to help each other find all of the words on the board, by dragging the shields onto the pictures. The faster you find the words, the more gold can be earned in the round. When all the words are found a new round begins, where the aim is to hit all of the balloons. The crossbows fire automatically, but can be improved by spending the gold earned.

Shape Ships

In Shape Ships overview and planning are key to succeed in the game. The goal of the game is to solve as many rounds as possible in the time you have available. To get through a round, all of the spaceships must go to the shape that fits their shape and be the same color. Use a spaceship with the same colour as the gate light up in to open the gate. There can only be two gates open at one time, so when a gate is opened on one side, it closes on the opposite side. The clock is stopped every time a round is started, so use the time to plan before starting the time on the play button.

Robo Math

In Robo Math you can train your mental arithmetic skills. In the game, there is a blue and a gold team that each have to create their own arithmetical problems, by catching the boxes on the robot’s heads. The sum of the two numbers on the robots heads have to be equal to the number on the robots stomach. To remove a box from the head of the robot, simply shake the robot from side to side. It is possible to adjust the level of difficulty of the arithmetical problems, by setting a minimum and maximum for the numbers you have to add up.


Puzzle can be played in two different ways, either as a classic jigsaw puzzle where everyone helps each other assemble the puzzle. Or as a Connect Puzzle, where there are 1-2 pieces per player, but where all the pieces must be held in place at the same time. Connect Puzzle requires collaboration, coordination, and often result in crossed arms. You can play the game using the included animal pictures.

Pairs of 10

In Pairs of 10 you can train making pairs that adds up to ten. In every round you need to place all the turtles from the same pair in the toilet, starting for example with all of the turtles that have 3 and 7 on their back. However, be careful when placing the turtles in the toilet, as if the turtles does not match the number pair already placed in the toilet, then all of the turtles will be tossed out. The game has 10 rounds that needs to be cleared, and you have to be fast otherwise you will slowly be flooded with turtles.

Multiplication Turtles

In Multiplication Turtles you can practice solving multiplication problems. Solve the multiplication problems displayed in the hula hoops, by dragging the turtles with the correct answers in to the rings. When you have completed ten rounds you can see how fast you have been, and you can see if you can beat your score next time you play.


In Memory you can play a memory game, where two cards have to be selected at a time, or with a twist where four cards must be selected before the cards are turned around. The game can be played with one to four teams, and when playing the colour of the background indicates, which team’s turn it is to draw the cards. It is possible to choose both category and number of pieces in the game. If the red category is selected, it is possible to choose the images used in the game.